2020 MTSS Summer Institute

This year, the annual Summer Institute will be held virtually on the OKEdge platform! The Institute is being delivered in collaboration with the OK-SPDG, OKTransform, and OKAWARE grants at the Oklahoma State Department of Education. The 2020 MTSS Virtual Summer Institute will go live on June 16th, 2020 and will feature sessions on Academics, Behavior, and Leadership & Coaching. There will also be live Q&A Discussion Board Sessions with Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden and Dr. Gary Duhon. 

2020 MTSS Summer Institute Course Catalog
Download this document for information on how to access and available sessions.
2020 MTSS Summer Institue Course Catalog[...]
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Welcome to OTISS

Distance Learning Updates:

The State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) understands that the transition from caregiver/parent to homeschool facilitator is not always smooth. To assist families in this transition, user-friendly family guides on developing your schedule and using reinforcement at home strategically have been created in collaboration with the Oklahoma Parents Center (OPC) and Oklahoma Pediatric Therapy Center. 

Comprehensive Distance Learning Family Behavior Guide

Distance Learning Behavior Guide
Distance Learning Behavior Guide.pdf
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Strategic Scheduling

Are you trying to set up a schedule for your kids but nothing seems to be working?  Or are you having trouble even knowing where to start?  Does everyone else seem to look like a Pinterest mom and you are just barely scraping by?  Scheduling can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating, the following resource is designed to help every parent be successful in setting up their schedules.

Strategic Scheduling at Home
Distance Learning - Scheduling 2.pdf
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Strategic Scheduling- Printable Packet
Scheduling packet-merged.pdf
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Effective Reinforcement

Chore charts, task lists, rewards, allowances, schoolwork... it all seems so aspirational but how do you set it up effectively?  How can you teach your children to be responsible?  Use the following resource to effectively set up expectations, rewards, and reinforcement in your home.  
Effective Reinforcement at Home
Distance Learning - Reinforcement 2.pdf
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Effective Reinforcement- Printable Packet
Reinforcement Packet-merged.pdf
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Implementation & Getting Started

Professional Development & Training

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