Model Sites

Model sites are schools who have demonstrated a high-level of implementation of the OTISS framework. Schools who are designated as model sites are provided with a banner to celebrate their hard work and success, and principals agree to assist other sites in implementation through sharing examples of model tools (such as the Written Plan), allowing other educators to contact them for questions, and allowing other site personnel to visit their school.

Limestone Technology Academy,               Sand Springs School District

Principal: Karen Biggs

Email: Karen Biggs

Website: Limestone and OTISS

Phone: 918-246-1560


Years of Implementation: 5


Garfield STEAM Academy,                 Sand Springs School District

Principal: Russell Ragland

Email: Russell Ragland

Website: Garfield Welcome!

Phone: 918-246-1462


Years of Implementation: 4


Frontier Elementary School,               Edmond Public   Schools

Principal: Cara Jernigan

Email: Cara Jernigan

Website: Frontier History

Phone: 405-340-2211


Years of Implementation:

Sequoyah Elementary School,             Shawnee Public Schools

Principal: Terri Lemos

Email: Terri Lemos

Website: Sequoyah

Phone: 405-273-1878


Years of Implementation: 6

Liberty Elementary School,                      Ponca City Public Schools

Principal: Jennifer Martinez

Email: Jennifer Martinez

Website: About Liberty

Phone: 580-767-8040


Years of Implementation:

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