Early Literacy Resources

Professional Learning & Networks:

Each of these resources directs to an organization that provides traditional professional development opportunities (in-person or virtual) and/or professional learning communities and networks for extended learning. While some of the professional development and learning may cost, each organization does provide some free opportunities. To learn more about developing professional development opportunities, please see Using Data to Develop Professional Development Plans.

Curriculum & Instruction:

The resources below are intended to assist LEAs, teachers, and interventionists in identifying high-quality, evidence-based instructional and curriculum supplements for literacy and reading. While some of these instructional resources and supplements do cost money, each listed resource has some free materials, including skill diagnostic assessments and/or instructional lessons.

Professional Books On Early Literacy:

Below is a list of books that share high-quality information on the Science of Reading that can be read independently or in small groups, teams, and learning communities.


Other Resources:

Listed below are other important or seminal resources in the field of literacy education!




Educate By APM Reports







Right To Read Project




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