System Implementation Tools & Resources

We encourage you to visit this page frequently to keep up to date on OTISS tools.  In addition, a comprehensive list of resources is currently being compiled.

General Implementation Tools:

OTISS Implementation Guide:


The OTISS Implementation Guide includes information on:


  • Getting Started
  • Assessing Readiness
  • Planning for Implementation
  • Implementing the Core Components
  • & More



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General Coaching Tools:

OTISS Coaching Guide:


The OTISS Coaching Guide includes information on:


  • Identification of Need
  • Goal Establishment and Prioritization
  • Development of an Action Plan
  • Develop an Evaluation Plan
  • Implementation, Evaluation, and Modification of the Action Plan



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Coaching Guide PDF 

Coaching PowerPoint:


The Coaching PowerPoint includes information on:


  • What Is Coaching
  • Types Of Coaching
  • General Coaching Model
  • Research Coaching Effectiveness
  • Internal Vs. External Coaches



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Coaching PowerPoint  

More General Coaching Tools:

Guidance & Technical Assistance:

Using Data To Develop Professional Development Plans:


The Using Data To Develop Professional Development Plans  includes information on:


  • Collect Data
  • Identify Deficits
  • Prioritize Needs
  • Develop Plan
  • Evaluate Outcomes



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Coaching Guide PDF 

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